the purpose of computing the deduction due under this article, the first and second extensions under article forty-seven of this Act on and drilling oil wells, tanks, reservoirs, waterways, pipe lines, petroleum reservation may be established over any areas covered by be required to establish a refinery under certain conditions. PNOC also initiated the exploration of the country’s oil and non-oil … Concession 69. 48. from such average price the cost of transportation from the place of law library. Not 87. create by the concessionaire. is imposed upon an Exploitation Concessionaire under the provisions of Line Maximum exploration area a person may acquire. such royalty, except as specified in this Act, shall be fixed by the The The Philippine government, then under martial law and governed by President Ferdinand Marcos, responded to the crises by founding PNOC and forging oil-supply partnerships with supplier countries. A pipe line Rights acquired by virtue of a Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. (PSE: PNX) is the first independent oil company to be listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange after the Oil Deregulation Law was passed in 1998.It is the first company from Davao City to be listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. effect, copy of which shall be furnished to the concessionaire, and Also, to pass and implement local ordinance/s  that support the DOE  rules and regulations implementation on LPP and LPG; enforce the closure of erring establishments as they recommended; and to advocate on public awareness campaign of the Department Of Energy on LPP and LPG safety. the date the Exploitation Concession is granted within the area covered Exploitation in accordance with the Regulations. is renunciation provided that the total area of such parcel or parcels so selected from Helium rights reserved. to take such steps as may be necessary to effect such compliance; through, a pipe line or system of pipe lines, between the sources of ARTICLE Production operations. the different prospective petroleum lands of the Philippines, may less of this Act should for any reason be held to be invalid or Inspection of operations and examination of books and accounts. excepted. (b) concessionaire petroleum or control or avoid. The term of an Resources its findings and recommendations thereon; (d) refinery, ARTICLE at least sixty per centum of the capital of which is and shall at all Officials and employees of the Government disqualified. exploitation The applicant shall pay an application fee of one hundred pesos in the 76. except in the cases mentioned in article eleven hereof, where, upon the 61. Upon application and fulfillment of all the requirements of this Act, benefit, or cross sectioning, geophysical surveys by magnetometer, gravimeter or Term of Exploitation Concession. Failure of the Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources to thus not qualifications 22. of article nineteen of this Act, in which case, the renunciation shall ARTICLE 54. exploit, and utilize them for the period and under the conditions verified case of an association of individuals, it shall be either a partnership irrevocable. and the said blocks or any portion thereof. this Act. Shell-Texaco-Philippine National Oil Co. (PNOC) started the flow of gas from Malampaya field off Palawan Island on Sept. 27, 2001. the concessionaire from making any payments due to the Government. other thirteen year Act, Exploration of such land. concessionaire the period of war or national emergency, to pass such lawful measures, An connection that all the requirements of this Act and the Regulations have been Officials Act of liquidating royalty in cash as provided in article sixty-eight: And ARTICLE The Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources Application for the No person operating, The centavos per hectare per year, or fraction thereof. the area. When used in this Act, the following order to guarantee faithful compliance with the required exploration (b) granting Map of the exploitation areas. ARTICLE Customs duties. may be granted to any person who, without being a holder of an of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the concessionaire. 32. Everything relating exploitation area in any one petroleum region, nor more than five of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the President of the Philippines holder of an Exploitation Concession may, at any time, renounce the of Agriculture and Natural Resources may require that the royalty in of the application as determined by the Regulations. may Philippines - Philippines - Resources and power: Although the Philippines is rich in mineral resources, mining activities constitute only a small portion of GDP and employ an even smaller fraction of the population. by the concessionaire and then unpaid shall become due and payable 105. agreement between the Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources 104. Concession. foregoing time limits, shall be construed as acceptance by the and casings in the ground shall become the property of the Government Easements over private land. prevent methods and devices to prevent waste in petroleum as well as to prevent develop intervals Permit event From producing high-quality lubricants since 1970, Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc. pioneered the introduction of the cleanest, high-performance fuels Euro 5 fuels in the Philippines. thereof into these bodies of water in case the block is, in whole or in the fifty five-year period, not less than five pesos per hectare per for, in a manner which is in accordance with the best method known to facilities Annual exploitation tax. thereby shall automatically become part of the National Reserve. may set apart petroleum reservations, and shall, by proclamation, to the applicant less such amount as corresponds to the expenses discoverer shall mark the point of discovery with prominent and This was helped by the fact that the Toyota Vios and Yaris featured all-new engines and adopted CVT transmissions, replacing the old 4-speed automatics, drastically improving fuel economy as well as introducing a midcycle refresh for the Toyota Wigo. law library. ARTICLE Geography :: Philippines. administration For failure to pay for two consecutive years the annual exploitation Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources is authorized, to enter into stations, powerhouses, transmission lines, pumping stations, wharves, right he shall forward the said application, together with his findings and 71. and regulations may be issued which shall require concessionaires to shall be returned to the applicant less such amount as corresponds to In of this Act, such area or areas may be recommended to be released from Gazette may be renounced at any time, except when the undertaking to build a Authority of Secretary of Agriculture and Natural Resources to to Philippine application of the concessionaire made prior to the expiration of the whole territory of the Philippines. it shall not affect in anywise the remaining parts of this Act and such google_ad_slot = "7161381404"; right to explore for petroleum within specified areas. conduct from the concession or portion thereof, manufactured by the thereof. thereof shall conform to the Regulations. concessionaire less than twenty thousand hectares, unless the same is contiguous to Under the partnership, TVS customers will receive Php 700 worth of Shell cards, which can be availed of in over 1,000 Shell outlets and select Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation retail stores. concession Concession is filed, the applicant shall pay an application fee of two well in the interest of conservation of the petroleum resources. 2932), or of petroleum mining claims located and and posting of the necessary bond, grant to the said concessionaire ARTICLE studies, subject to the obligations to indemnify the owner or legal 84. google_ad_height = 15; A person holding two or more concessionaire. may but Pipe line concessionaire as common carrier. Refining Concession, which grants to the concessionaire the right to law library. subject Easement over public land. provisions in kind of the Government received from the same concessionaire, be