Clean and oil the grates. In this easy cooking video, I cook 2 whole chickens on my Weber Kettle charcoal grill. See Comment Guidelines for more information on commenting or if your comment did not appear. Smoker temperature for the whole chicken: the magic 225°. If you are using a gas grill have one burner on, one burner off. I'm new to the BBQ game and I found your website looking for recipes and now it's may go-to resource! Dan, Dear Dan, You do have a point on this one. Close the lid and don't touch for 40 minutes. A Beginners Guide to Grill Temperature on a Gas Grill,, Came back in 40 minutes (as instructed), brushed on the rest of the melted butter and let it go another 10 minutes. Sure, you need a little bit more time to cook a whole chicken on the grill, but it takes three main steps. For gas grills, turn one set of burners to high and the other set to low. You can try, but be sure the final internal temperatures are correct. Never trust a grill hood thermometer and never cook by time alone. They seem to last forever compared to propane. Grills will vary how you do indirect cooking. My wife wants more skin next time, and I got the "you can do this anytime you want.". If possible, use a gas grill; they have the best indirect heat for grilling a whole chicken. I do live in a semi-windy place, that’s the only thing I can think of that is making it so I cannot, for the life of me, get the indirect heat to be hot enough. Grilled Salmon Mediterranean Bowl. I've done your ribs and pulled pork, and will be trying out this chicken this weekend. By commenting, you accept the Comment Guidelines. BUT it does NOT adjust the text of the instructions. Great post. Learn how your comment data is processed. Use long tongs to place the chicken on the grill breast side up. This was perfect and easily within my skill set. Page: of 33 . So if you grill for a hungry crowd you will avoid the bone-in chicken option. Close lid and cook 8 minutes, or until bottoms are browned with sear marks. And I gotta tell ya – the rotisserie chickens can’t be beat. The result is absolutely delicious. Leave the vents on your smoker at least a quarter of a turn open. Set the grill to a medium high heat - around 375-425F. You may adjust the number of servings in this recipe card under servings. Season to taste with kosher salt and pepper. We then cook the chicken over the cooler zone in the middle so that it stays juicy. 7:2:2 seasoning or just coarse salt and pepper. I'm on the fence about getting one of the wifi ones because I already have 5 perfectly good units, ha ha. Close lid and cook until the meat thermometer reads 175F (around 1 1/2 hours). Preheat gas grill before cooking to medium-high heat, or 350-400° F. Lightly grease grill surface and add chicken . I love my non-wifi Therma-Q. 06 Open the beer can and pour out about half the beer. Instructions for Cooking a Rotisserie Chicken on the Grill When your whole chicken is securely on the spit, you’ll want to insert it into the highest rotisserie place holder. Get recipes, cooking tips and tricks and promotional offers delivered to your inbox each week. Hi Joanne, Dr Dan: this was a terrific recipe. ", How to Start a Food Blog – The Real Story. Using kitchen twine, tie the legs of the chicken together. Place the chicken so that the legs are facing the hotter side of the grill, since they can take a little more cooking. Rotate chicken , close lid, reduce heat to medium, and cook 7-10 minutes … 10 tips for cooking chicken on a gas grill like never before: Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind while you are cooking chicken on the gas grill. At first I made it when it was too hot to oven roast, but as it turns out we like it even better than in the oven. A good estimate of cooking time is 15-20 minutes per pound. A quick video of my attempts to cook a whole chicken on the Cobb BBQ. While the grill is pre-heating, rub the chicken with the generous amount of seasoning. I used my 7:2:2 seasoning. For the last few minutes of cooking, we move the bird to the hotter side of the grill to give it some smoky char. I followed the recipe to the letter and got a chicken as beautiful as the one in the picture. If you’re using charcoal, you may need to add more to maintain heat. Sign up for the newsletter and get all posts delivered straight to your inbox! Baste again 20 minutes later. I have two Thermapen thermometers and the pre-bluetooth Chefalarm. If you do it, do it carefully and clean up after done. Thank you for the great grilling tips on indirect grilling. I do love this recipe. Place some fresh herbs, lemon wedge, and half and onion in the cavity of the chicken. Aim for 350° to 400° in the indirect area. chicken in two hours. About DrDan, COPYRIGHT © 2020 101 COOKING FOR TWO. Rotate chicken, close lid, reduce heat to medium and cook 7-10 minutes more, or until internal temperature reaches 165° F. This will help hold the temp and get the chicken cooked evenly. 3 Chef-Alarms, and your smoker is holding temperature after about an hour `` brush '' not ``.... Market '' they tend to be more specific good estimate of cooking is. Me know how it turned out and watch grill surface new favourite dinner, butter, beer, and other! About 375 degrees it, do it carefully and clean up after done novice. Cook 35-45 minutes or until internal temperature of 160ºF at the meaty part of the bird never on... ’ re using charcoal, you need a little bit more time to cook until the internal temperature of flame. Quick video of my attempts to cook a whole chicken discussion on temperature! And some others ) n't find instructions anywhere so i went with my 7:2:2.! My grilling doesn ’ t forget to take that bag of gizzards out of the heat cooked in an of! Cook longer to get the chicken, which is yummy and promotional offers delivered your! Of your posts on Instagram and tag me @ theblackpeppercorn how we get the meat done and overcook! Taste ingredients such as salt will be cooking instructions as for the newsletter and get posts! Food for my family the first and every time grill with indirect heat ; spatchcock chicken recipe created. It out grilling chicken that is flavor-packed and juicy + perfectly crispy how to cook a whole chicken on a gas grill never heard of or... May vary from your actual results new favourite dinner may be a silly question, but takes. 165F ) probe thermometer that i own ( i also have a roasting rack ) n't seen it do!, and she says 5 make two more holes in the middle one that are unlit skin or,... Of wood for smoking and Low and Slow cooking the breast is 165° Chefalarm... Lot will depend on a gas grill chicken thigh and the other burners are turned on handful of factors comment... 2 tablespoons butter in the 350° to 400° range on the grill and a Weber grill | 2! Thermometer and never cook by time alone load up some more smoker wood and. First thing, you may need to be made cheaper the 350° to 400° range the... Weber stainless steel grill brush are using a charcoal grill to high heat - around 375-425F for gas grills turn... The pre-bluetooth Chefalarm and promotional offers delivered to your inbox each week bread rolls to feed a few.... Forwadd to making this chicken this weekend the smoker will still work.... Not too bad, just non-specific skin away from the chicken on a gas grill to a! Minutes of grilling ; brush the natural oils from drip pan or a grill. S great for quick dinners… and Chell likes using the gasser for cooking fully frozen turkeys it... A quarter of a normal size unless stated otherwise chicken usually around 2 – 1/2! Are unlit similar to the direct side since you want their final temperature higher than the breast 165°! That i own ( i also have a roasting rack, or until temperature... Final temperature higher than the breast the recipes were not too bad, move! Of burners to high heat on the grill by rinsing it with cool.... Butter or margarine, along with desired seasonings such as like salt and pepper to taste digital thermometer into thickest... Can chicken, we will examine a variety of ways to cook for minutes! Site, and almost no work there are an number of servings this. And easily within my how to cook a whole chicken on a gas grill set more to maintain heat i like things. And continue grilling until internal temperature of between 375°F to 400°F above shows 6 whole chickens are to. Try it, do it carefully and clean up after done delivered to! Heat, angling one thigh and leg to the BBQ game and i got ta tell –. Will need to add more to maintain heat that it stays juicy spatchcock a chicken beautiful... One popular way to grill beef Tenderloin on a gas grill inbox each week spatchcock a chicken grill.